Bamburate diary 📔

This post is just for a general introduction of myself with the visitors and followers of this website . This recent photo is taken in bamburate in the district of chitral by a sweet friend of mine . I’m currently doing BS in journalism mass and communication. i love to travel , taking photographs and … More Bamburate diary 📔


Once there was a group of monsters used to live in a slough near a massive series of sierra. They had built wooden huts for living. These monster’s face were so scary and ugly like someone have slit their faces with a sharp blade, vampirish jaws and ears like an ape. These monsters loved to … More Humanoid


Stirring my fingers through the wet sand receiving warm breeze and staring at the most adorable girl on earth made me feel like God have showered his blessings solely on me. My beloved helena was so engaged in building her sand castle ,that she have completely lose the remembrance to curb her golden hair covering … More Bloodlust

The journey

From inception to quietus life is all about journey. But there is kind or categories of excursionists in this journey. Some excursionists takes full joy of the journey while some doesn’t even realize when the journey was alpha and how does it concluded. So be the type of excursionist who enjoys the journey of life … More The journey